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About Us

Simple Revolutionary Solutions for male LUTS patients

At SRS Medical we have one shared passion – to improve the lives of men experiencing lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). We are accomplishing this by delivering innovative tools to our urology partners so that they can better manage, diagnose, and treat these patients.

Male LUTS patients are challenging to accurately diagnose since traditional test methods may fail to produce sufficient information or are too invasive for most patients to consider. However, with treatment options ranging from conservative watchful waiting to more aggressive surgical approaches – and choices in between – it is essential to get the diagnosis right.

Our UroCuff™ Test provides a unique non-invasive solution for accurate assessment of bladder contractility, urine flow rate, and post-void residual for the urology office. Armed with this diagnostic information, the urologist and patient can make more informed decisions on treatment options. Furthermore, the UroCuff Test offers urology practices a LUTS patient management platform with periodic monitoring of the effectiveness of such treatments.

Our Spanner® Prostatic Stent maintains voluntary urine flow in patients with bladder outlet obstruction, and enables urologists to free men from the Foley Catheter. It is also useful as a diagnostic tool in terms of predicting the success of various surgical treatments. Urologists and patients agree that it makes a difference in clinical outcomes and daily living.

We believe that due to the progressive nature of the diseases associated with LUTS, the urologist and patient interaction should change from episodic and transactional to ongoing and relational. This will prevent patients from temporarily falling out of care and only returning when they reach an inevitable acute stage with compromised treatment prognoses. Our mission is to offer technology solutions that facilitate this transformed relationship while providing better outcomes, greater efficiency, and lower costs.

SRS Medical – Simple Revolutionary Solutions for male LUTS patients.

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