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EasyPro™ 4 Urodynamics System

The EasyPro™4 is in the vanguard of a new generation in urodynamics technology, with a focus on ease-of-use and targeted clinical data that are easily interpreted. EasyPro 4 is as easy to use as its name implies – yet offers features that no other system can match, like its unique leak-point detector.

  • 12-Channel Urodynamics System
  • Fast, accurate measurement of leak-point using electronic detector (an SRS Medical exclusive)
  • Easy-to-use touch-screen interface
  • Custom rolling stand for in-office portability
  • Informative, easy-to-understand reports

The EasyPro is designed to provide the necessary simplicity of operation, but be assured that its ease-of-use does not come at the cost of accuracy. In particular, the EasyPro System features two technologies with significant real-world clinical benefits.

LPD™-3D Disposable Electronic Leak-Point Detector:

Simple & Accurate Leak-Point Detection Automatically

The point at which a patient first leaks urine is one of the most clinically significant measurements in urodynamics. Historically, these measurements have depended on the clinician’s visual acuity and reflexes. Now you can take the uncertainty out of leak-point. The patented LPD-3d leak-point detector allows you to make reliable measurements every time. The LPD-3d is a unique, patented device that replaces hand-switches and event markers. It uses an electronic sensor to accurately and automatically measure leaks. The LPD-3d slips around any 5-10 Fr catheter and slides up to the meatus; at the first drop of urine, it reliably marks the event. In addition, only the LPD-3d can reliably detect repeated leaks.

Air-Charged Catheters

An easy-to-use pressure sensing urodynamic catheter that you simply plug, play and throw away. T-DOC Air-charged Catheters advance the art of pressure sensing with proprietary, “Air-Charged” pressure recording technology. Changes in physiologic pressure are transmitted through a micro-volume of trapped air in the T-DOC catheter. The T-DOC pressure transducer is built into a special cable that eliminates the need for external transducers or water-filled pressure lines.


The EasyPro 4 includes everything you need for in-office urodynamics:

The EasyPro 4 incorporates two channels of EMG, allowing use for pelvic floor rehabilitation with optional software. In addition, as part of the urodiagnostic workstation, the EasyPro 4 has a built-in upgrade path.

Options include:

EasyFlo™ Stand-alone Uroflow

A uroflow study remains the mainstay in a urologic workup. The EasyFlo was designed to meet physician and patient needs for an accurate, easy-to-use in-office UroFlow system. EasyFlo automatically starts the test with the onset of urine flow and automatically ends when a period of 30 seconds elapses with no urine flow. There is no need to have personnel present to switch off the device. Each patient’s result is then placed into the Liverpool nomogram for comparison against the normal population and all results are printed.

  • Quick screening tool for voiding dysfunction
  • One-touch operation
  • Minimal investment, rapid return on investment

A Full Range of Clinical Measures

  • Urine flow pattern (graphically)
  • Total voided volume
  • Total void time
  • Urine flow time
  • Average urine flow
  • Maximum (peak) flow
  • Onset-to-peak flow time
  • Liverpool Nomogram (Normative comparisons)

Optional Accessories:

  • Printer Shelf
  • Standard commode with funnel


Urodynamic Disposable SuppliesPart Number
Abdominal Catheter, 7FT-DOC-7FA
Dual Sensor w/Fill Lumen Catheter, 7FT-DOC-7FD
Dual Sensor w/Fill Lumen, Radio Opaque, 7FT-DOC-7FDR
Single Sensor w/Fill Lumen Catheter, 7FT-DOC-7FS
Single Sensor w/Fill Lumen and Coude Tip, 7FT-DOC-7FSC
Single Sensor w/Fill Lumen, Radio Opaque Catheter, 7FT-DOC-7FSR
Stylet, Universal CompatabilityT-DOC-5001
Leg Strap Stabilizer, Velcro, UniversalT-DOC-1000
Double Lumen, 6F, w/ext21025
Double Lumen, 8F, w/ext21026
Double Lumen, 6F, w/o ext21028
Double Lumen, 8F, w/o ext21029
Triple Lumen, 9F, w/ext21038
Triple Lumen, 7F, w/Pura Ridges, w/ext21039
Rectal Balloon, 4.5F, Slit, w/ext21044
Rectal Balloon, 10F with Vent Lumen, with ext21048
Rectal Balloon, 14F, without ext84411113
Dual Lumen, 8F, without ext84411115
Dual Lumen, 10F, without ext84411116
Rectal Balloon, 12F, Silicone, without ext84411240
Leak Point Detector, SRS Med – DisposableLPD-3D
Water Pump Tubing Kit84411165-2
Long Water Kit (Syringe, Stopcock, & Extension Tubing)84411226-2
Short Water Kit (Syringe, Stopcock, & Extension Tubing)4411228-2
Eris™ UDS Water Pump TubingERIS-P-105-1
EMG Electrodes with Lead Wire Set – Disposable35700015
EMG Pre-Gelled Snap Electrodes – Disposable4630
EMG Lead Wire Set84430581
Urodynamic Disposable Pressure Transducers48110010-1
CO2 Gas Cartridges84430566
UroCuff Test Disposable SuppliesPart Number
CT3000 Disposable Cuff, Large, 38mm (each)CT-3651S
CT3000 Disposable Cuff, Large, 38mm (25/box)CT-3651
CT3000 Disposable Cuff, Extra Large, 48mm (each)CT-3650S
CT3000 Disposable Cuff, Extra Large, 48mm (25/box)CT-3650
EMG Electrodes with Lead Wire Set – Disposable (25 sets of 3/bag)35700015
The Spanner® Temporary Prostatic Stent SuppliesPart Number
The Spanner Prostatic Stent, Size 4SPNR-4HA
The Spanner Prostatic Stent, Size 5SPNR-5HA
The Spanner Prostatic Stent, Size 6SPNR-6HA
The Spanner Prostatic Stent, Size 7SPNR-7HA
The Spanner Prostatic Stent, Size 8SPNR-8HA
The Spanner Prostatic Stent, Size 9SPNR-9HA
The Surveyor Urethral Measurement DeviceSURV-02
Uroflow Disposable SuppliesPart Number
EasyFlo™, UroBreeze™, MiniPro™ Printer Paper84411305
S.A.U. Printer Paper31455053
Educational MaterialPart Number
CT3000 UroCuff™ PrimerCT3MAN
Urodynamics Primer21990001
Printing SuppliesPart Number
S.A.U Printer Paper84411305
EasyFlo™, UroBreeze™, MiniPro™ Printer Paper31455053
MiscellaneousPart Number
Commode & Funnel84411206
Folding Commode & Funnel84411206F
Commode (no funnel)53830072
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