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Our Products

Simple Revolutionary Solutions for male LUTS patients

The UroCuff™ Test

Active BPH management

The UroCuff Test can give you the diagnostic insights you’ve always wanted in order to make more informed clinical decisions. Better yet – the UroCuff offers your practice a LUTS patient management platform providing better outcomes, greater efficiency, and lower costs.

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The Spanner®

Active bladder drainage

The Spanner Prostatic Stent benefits men with bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) by reducing elevated post void residual (PVR), improving voiding symptoms, and allowing for voluntary urination. As an alternative to a Foley Catheter, it allows men to naturally fill and empty their bladders.

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The VP Test®

Active Foley management

The VP Test identifies bladder function in catheterized patients.

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Complementary Products

Mainstay Diagnostics and Disposables

EasyPro™4 Urodynamics System

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EasyFlo™ Uroflows

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