The Spanner® Prostatic Stent

Freedom from the Foley.

The Spanner® Prostatic Stent is a temporary stent inserted into the urethra at the neck of the bladder to maintain urine flow. The Spanner benefits men with bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) by reducing elevated post void residual (PVR), improving voiding symptoms, and allowing for voluntary urination. As an alternative to a Foley catheter, it allows men to naturally fill and empty their bladders.

Urologists and patients agree that The Spanner makes a difference in clinical outcomes and daily living.

Healthcare Professionals

The Spanner improves urination efficiency and IPSS, reduces the risk of infection compared to a Foley catheter, and is greatly preferred by patients over catheterization. It features a dedicated CPT code and has been designed for administration in the office setting.


You deserve the freedom, comfort, and peace of mind you had before the Foley catheter. With The Spanner you’ll return to an active lifestyle while forgetting all about that urine leg bag. And of course you’ll be back in control of your urination.